So much of who we are is where we have been.

― William Langewiesche

We all have a natural urge to explore and to discover, to go back to those days when we were tiny humans and the world was big and unknown. One of the best feelings which travelling gives you is that feeling of getting in touch with your inner child and going barefooted on new earth.

Childhood plays an even bigger role than you think in the core of your relationship. It defines who you are, who you choose to be with and how you express and receive love.

A way to keep falling in love with each other is to keep bringing out your purest, most vulnerable part of your existence. And the best way to do that is by travelling.

On the road, there are circles of starting points and destinations. The more destinations you share with your partner, the more memories you gather of new lands, people and experiences.

Yet every adventure comes with its troubles, stressful situations and adulthood.

Be prepared.

          1. Plan

The Best Approach for First Time Travelers
The Best Approach for First Time Travelers

Some people avoid planning by any means possible.

It’s true that it takes away some of the surprises brought by new landscapes. But when it comes to combining two people’s needs and wants, there’s no better decision than to plan at least part of your shared journey.

Of course, if both of you don’t feel like doing research for your trip, don’t do it. However, for the first time travelling couple, planning is a way to balance your expectations and interests.

It’s also a great test for your relationship. If you can’t plan a trip together, how will you plan your future together? 

          2. Compromise

Agree on What Matters
Agree on What Matters

Your first destination has to be a place which excites both of you. Love is finding the middle ground between two people.

Frankly, choosing a part of the world to explore is the easy part.

The hard part is deciding how you will spend your days together and what are the challenges you both want to go through in an entirely new environment.

Maybe one of you cares more about the history of a place while the other one is more thrilled by talking to people you’ve never met. As you’ve surely learnt by now, as someone living in the 21st century, balance can be difficult to achieve when there’s a magnitude of choice.

It’s even tougher when you have to balance a relationship on a ship of wonder. Take turns to sail and appreciate the interests of the other.

          3. Take Care of Your Physical Needs

You are not you when you're hungry.
You are not you when you’re hungry.

It’s easy to give in to your impulses and turn into a wild animal when your last meal was more than eight hours ago. For some, even one hour spend without food is too much.

If you’re not aware of your physical needs and you don’t take care of them, you are more prone to argue, get irritated for no reason and cause unnecessary drama in your relationship.

This is also a word of warning for caffeine addicts, or any other type of addicts for that matter. Make sure to get your fix to avoid morning grumpiness.

        4. Use Your Strengths

My Strength is Yours

Staying together as a couple is making use of each other’s skills to complement your weaknesses.

For every couple, travelling is a challenge that has to be met with teamwork. Take notice of your character and try to push your significant other to overcome your flaws and keep going strong together.

You are a pillar for the other.

Relying on your partner is inspiring confidence, empathy and love. You are together in your vulnerability, as scary as this can sound.

          5. Don’t Get on Each Other’s Nerves 

De-stress Mindfully
De-stress Mindfully

If you tell me that there isn’t a single thing which annoys you about your partner, you’d lie to me.

Unless you’re dating an imagined version of The One, you have at least a few pet peeves that are triggered even more while travelling.

Spending time together 24/7 is a bliss and a curse.

Being mindful about the irritating habits of the love of your life will prepare you to deal with them in a mature way. And by that I mean not picking up a fight every time he bites his nails or whatever his version of that is.

Communicate the way you feel and the causes for your response. That way, you can reach a mutual decision for handling the issue next time.

          6. Allow Tiredness 

Rest When You Need It
Rest When You Need It

Your feet will ache after walking for kilometers on end. Know each other’s limits and always set aside time to recover.

Tiredness plays cruel jokes on your mood. It makes you lose you concentration and become unmotivated to take part in the act of exploration. Your batteries need recharging in order to take the most out of your journey.

It’s never a good idea to sacrifice sleep or rest. Your bodies and your minds will thank you.

          7. Face Problems

You are in this Together.

Couples who learn how to deal with the rough times in life are couples who stay together.

I have a whole blog post on the subject, so click here to get the full guide to handling difficult situations as a couple.

          8. Be Patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day

The ability to tolerate unpleasant occurrences is one of the most important abilities in life.

You do not have control over everything. (And no one in a relationship should ever feel controlled.)

Travelling is all fun and games until you hit an obstacle. Instead of giving in to a short temper, preserve an atmosphere of optimism in the face of stress.

There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

          9. Meet People

Share Your Story

Socializing is a part of how we learn, how we set the standards for our relationships and how we expand our family of friends.

The language barrier may prevent you from having deep conversation with strangers but even a smile and a thank you can make your day.

Share the experience of inviting new people in your life and cherish the opportunity to exchange stories.

Every traveler is a storyteller.


Travelling together is the single most challenging and wonderful thing you can do to test you relationship, rekindle your love and share your inner child with your significant other.

It doesn’t come without its costs and mishaps but it’s worth to go where you’ve never been before.

As long as you take care of each other’s needs and wants, you create a strong basis for your future together every step of the way.


What’s the biggest problem you’ve faced while traveling?

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